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2024-25 Recital Calendar
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New: Memorization Policy for MMTF Recitals


Thank you to everyone who shared their thoughts on memorization at MMTF recitals. After careful consideration, the MMTF Board decided on the following policy:


1. Students in grades K through 4 must memorize pieces for recitals.


2. Students in grades 5 through 12 are strongly encouraged to play from memory, but they may use music at recitals. Teachers may require their own students to play from memory.


3. Printed music is allowed for ensemble playing (duets) at MMTF recitals, for students of all ages.


4. Judges will award Honors based on performance quality: articulation, dynamics, pedaling, etc. If appropriate, Honors may be earned for a performance that is not memorized.


5. Students performing in the Grades 5-11 Honors Recital or the Senior Honors Recital must play from memory.


Why the age differential in memorizing? Teachers brought up several issues that apply mostly to middle school and high school students: wanting faster progress through repertoire, time pressure from competing activities, and the stress of “nerves.” Younger students generally have shorter pieces and are often less nervous than the older ones. Our goal is to encourage all students to have the experience of sharing their music with others in a supportive environment.

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