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Teacher Enrichment

Your $50/yearly membership includes:

• Meetings & Programs with guest speakers & guest artists 

• MMTA Contest Materials Classes 

• Performance/Listening Sessions 

• Topics In Teaching informal discussion groups

• Composition Group support and yearly performances


Social Events 

• Autumn Tea

• All Local Association Spring Luncheon 



• Mentoring

• Forum Friends & New Member Support

• Student referrals

Piano Lesson

MMTA Contest

Material Classes

Every fall MMTF offers a unique opportunity for members and non-members alike. Drawing on the talent of exceptional teachers, MMTF offers weekly sessions presenting all MMTA State Piano Contest pieces with wonderful performances and helpful notes and commentary. These sessions are offered both in person and virtually and are open to all teachers for a nominal fee.

Hammers and Keys

Monthly Guest Speakers

Our monthly meetings for members include guest speakers on a variety of topics, as well as guest performances by professionals and award-winning student performers.

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